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Flips & Bricks: Summer Accessories

In the summer, we no longer have the luxury of layering to make our outfits intriguing. Most of us just want to throw on a tank top with shorts and be out the door. Luckily, adding an accessory or two can take your look to the next level. If you’re still on the hunt for some summer accessories, here are some items that are definitely trending and some that you’d want to leave behind.


Flip: Retro shades with cool tints

Brick: Tiny sunglasses

Sun protection is cool! Ditch the tiny shades. Sunglasses with retro shapes are back in, especially aviators, rectangular, and square sunnies. Cop a pair with yellow, orange, or blue lenses to easily add a pop of color to any outfit.

Get the look:



Flip: Flatforms

Brick: Basic flip-flops

While they are comfortable, those basic Old Navy flip-flops should not be leaving the house anymore. It’s 2021 — I think we can all do better. Elevate your pool style (literally) with a pair of platform slides. This is a more polished option that you can take right from the beach to the bar.

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Flip: Bucket hats

Brick: Fedora hats

A classic fedora hat seems a little too serious this summer. Instead, swap it out for a trendy bucket hat. This popular accessory can be paired with any casual outfit to keep the sun out of your eyes. Try one in straw, denim, or yarn to stand out from the crowd. Just make sure it doesn’t have the chin strap to keep it modern.

Get the look:



Flip: Pearls

Brick: Chunky jewelry

Those chunky clay and resin rings are a little too reminiscent of Ring Pops; I can see this trend fizzling out soon. Pearls, however, will never go out of style. Try a fresh take on traditional pearls with more organic shapes. Layer your bracelets and necklaces with other metals to instantly add interest to your outfit.

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Tote Bags

Flip: Tote bags

Brick: Backpacks

This summer, we’ve already been experiencing record-breaking heat in some parts of the country. Adding on another heavy layer is not ideal. Leave backpacks for hiking or school. Whether it be in canvas, leather, or macrame, now is the time to get your hands on a tote bag.

Get the look:


Shoulder Bags

Flip: Shoulder bags

Brick: Mini bags

I’m glad to see miniature bags finally dying out. What exactly was the point of these purses that could barely fit a credit card, let alone a phone? Shoulder bags, from smaller to mid-size, are everywhere this summer. Invest in a good quality bag to last you more than one season.

Get the look:

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