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Stylin' or Wildin': Met Gala 2021 Edition

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

One of the biggest celebrity clusterf*cks of the year happened last night and definitely did not disappoint. The Met Gala theme this year was American independence which is the most vague thing I've ever heard. However, this theme did allow for some great outfits both in terms of stylish looks that are sure to become iconic looks and some outlandish shit I hope never sees the light of day again.

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Individuals: Some Solo Looks that Really Stood Out this Year

Kim Petras

Ay man, I understand the horse girl energy and I think it’s pretty on the money with this year’s American theme, but what the fuck is going on here. Shawty pulled up in the My Little Pony x Collina Estrada collab and although it made a statement she’s definitely Wildin’.

Dan Levy

I’m not jacking the Ferdinand Magellan drip, it’s a no from me dawg. KUDOS to the powerful and inspiring message from Levy’s outfit. But mans looks ridiculous nonetheless, Wildin’!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall killed this dress. She wins points for the ridiculous amount of people it took to hold her dress (See Billie Eilish for more). The custom Givenchy dress that was a nod to America’s former sweetheart Audry Hepburn is very on theme. She was Stylin’ for sure.

Maisie Williams

Man, this shit scares me every time I see it. I get the Adams family/Elvira inspiration but why did you shave your eyebrows, Arya. She looks like a sleep paralysis demon. WILDIN’!

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita is a queen. I was surprised at the lack of denim at the Met this year, I thought it was gonna be a straight flashback to the 2001 AMA’s. But Lupita, (and Leon below), understood the assignment and killed it with the Versace Jeans Couture dress. STYLIN!

Leon Bridges

As mentioned before, Leon understood the assignment. There’s nothing more American than a Cowboy. He elegantly pulls off the Bode fringed suede suit with Cartier jewels to highlight the fit. Stylin’.

Russ Westbrook

He and Frank Ocean are tied for best hair last night, but Russ might have a little bit of the upper hand. The star-spangled blue hair to match the navy dress suit is executed very subtly and nicely. Russ was Stylin’!

Chance, the Rapper

This fucking guy. How is he still getting the 3 hats off? In the Polo Sporting Goods suit too which he probably only wore to match the hat. SMH mans looks ready to drop the “I Love My Wife” Deluxe at any moment. Wildin’!

Frank Ocean

Biggest thing about Frank’s fit is consistency. The Prada jacket in back to back years, donning an icy Homer chain, and pulling out the Blonde-era lime green hair. Oh yea and the baby for geeks. Stylin’ for sure.


Cordae is my rookie of the year pick. The Coach trench coat, collared shirt and tie, and black work pants match the sunglasses. The modern-day Casablanca fit is very on par with the theme. Sylin’!

Virgil Abloh

No extra commentary is necessary. WILDIN’!

Kid Cudi

Honestly, I’m disappointed in Cudi. The Man on the Moon has never been known for a conventional fit, but this year was also just not that good. It also was a random fit rather than something that was on brand (I guess he was in the emo/goth range). The 1.5 million KAWS x Ben Baller chain is surely a flex but cmon Cudi. Wildin’!

Co-Chairs: This Year's Yearbook Committee

Naomi Osaka

I saw this outfit getting a lot of hate. Yes her hair does look like Cynthia from the Rugrats but I think the nod to her own Haitian-Japanese heritage is very American but in a cultural-political way. The first-time co-chair was definitely Stylin’.

Timothee Chalamet

No one can convince me this is a fire fit. He’s wearing Converse and sweatpants. And a tuxedo jacket on top. Stop the cap this fit is trash. Wildin’!

Billie Eilish

Billie honestly killed this look. Inspired by the Barbie franchise’s impact on American culture it definitely fits the theme. She also needed like 3-4 heads to hold the dress together which is always a flex. Stylin'!

Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman, the 23-year-old next great American poet, took direct inspiration from Lady Liberty for the royal blue fit. The fit isn't bad but as a co-chair, I feel like you gotta come out with a little bit more heat. I'll give her a slight Wildin'!

Couples: The Best (Some) Dressed Duos of the Night

ASAP and Rihanna

Where the fuck are they going to sleepaway camp? This man really had the Cap’n crunch blanket draped on him like he looked fly. They both made me tight. I could never speak down on Riri but this was not one of her best looks. But Rocky really screwed the couple fit with the smallpox blanket fit. WILDIN’!

JLo and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is NOT Pictured. But I had to include my mans because I saw a pic of him kissing Jlo through the mask and spit out my water. I think for the western fit JLo killed it She’s also JLO so in this case, the name gives her a pass. Stylin’!

Pharrell Williams & Helen Lasichanh

One of the very few matching fits I saw from any couples last night they killed this shit. If I ever take my girl to Texas best believe we’re flying into Dallas-Fort Worth in the matching cowboy garb like Pharrell and his lady perfectly executed. STYLIN’!

Kim and Mystery Man

Kim used to never know how to dress before she met Kanye in all honesty. And it seems like she is reverting back to her old ways with this ensemble. No idea who the mystery man is but I feel like its not Ye. Although this is definitely a DONDA fit. Even if it was Ye tho this fit is still trash. Wildin’!

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