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Stylin' or Wildin': Vol. 1

Kanye West

(Photo via Business of Fashion)

Kanye West at Balenciaga haute couture show on July 7 wearing a facemask, puffer coat, track pants, and Yeezy shoes.

Emily: I’m not sure what Kanye was thinking with this outfit. He looks more like he’s about to hit the slopes rather than attend a fashion show. It’s wildin’ in my book.

Tye: He’s wearing NIKE socks… He’s wildin’!

Jalen: Idk he kind of looks like a ninja. Like not just any ninja that gets taken out with one punch, I'm talking boss ninja sitting criss-cross apple sauce in the middle of the dojo and says, “I’ve been waiting for you. My man STYLIN’!

Jacob: Just know if we were back in High School, they would've clowned his ass for the Nike and Adidas combo… but it's Ye so… STYLIN’!



(Photo via Celeb Mafia)

Rihanna on July 10, 2021 in the Bronx wearing a knit bikini top, a tiger print jacket with a matching bucket hat, denim shorts, and black heels.

Emily: Normally, Rihanna can do no wrong in my eyes. However, this look is all over the place. The long coat paired with the summer attire underneath just doesn’t make sense. She’s wildin’ for me.

Tye: This is giving me modern-day Cruella Deville vibes. But them legs tho… LMAO. She’s stylin’.

Jalen: she's a queen. Enough said. The knit/crochet bikini to match the baby blue mink hood. STYLIN'!

Jacob: Getting some Louisiana vibes with this for and it's working on Rih Rih so… STYLIN’


LeBron James

(Photo via Twitter)

Lebron James sitting courtside at the Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks on July 17, 2021, wearing a printed shirt, joggers, and white Nike sneakers.

Emily: I love this look for Lebron. He looks comfortable yet fashionable and the color palette works really well together. It’s stylin’ for sure.

Tye: The King’s been addicted to tight joggers lately, but the socks with the all-white AF1s hitting. He’s stylin’!

Jalen: Alright imma be honest. This man is wearing 50 shades of white. That shirt is also just kind of ridiculous. It might be my saltiness that Lebron didn't choose the Bulls in 2010 and went to Miami instead but the King has put together better fits. Also, is that a pooka shell necklace?? WILDIN’ OUT!

Jacob: He did us wrong with Space Ja- oh, I mean, uh, WILDIN’!


Bella Hadid

(Photo courtesy of Celeb Mafia)

Bella Hadid in NYC on July 22, 2021, wearing a Musier Paris tank top, cargo pants, a Bape tote bag, and Adidas sneakers.

Emily: I’m not sure how well the yellow top matches with the cargo pants… but not every look can be groundbreaking. Although this isn’t my favorite outfit from Bella, I still think she managed to pull it off.

Tye: Too many colors for me. The bag is all over the place and low-rise cargos are not hitting for me. She’s WYLIN!

Jalen: Another situation where a style guru is slacking. She looks like a Gen Z version of the Tomb Raider. It’s a no from me dawg…

Jacob: I'm getting heavy “I HATE YOU DAD'' vibes from this fit. It could've been STYLIN’ if she had a different color choice on the kicks so… WYLIN’!


Luka Sabbat

(Photo via @lukasabbat)

Luka Sabbat in Paris, France in July 2021 wearing an oversized blazer, wide-legged trousers, and Balenciaga boots.

Emily: Luka killed this look. An all-black fit can get boring, but the patches on his blazer take the look to the next level. Absolutely stylin’.

Tye: I know too many Brooklyn heads that rocked this fit for me to consider this fly nowadays. I gotta go wylin’.

Jalen: Love an all-black fit. I think the oversized blazer was bold but it works with the all-black Balenciaga boots. STYLIN’!

Jacob: You know what, this man pulled off the grunge vibes and I would watch his punk rock show in underground Britain, STYLIN’!


Kim Kardashian

(Photo via Celeb Mafia)

Kim Kardashian in New York on July 16, 2021, wearing a brown t-shirt, utility pants, and gray high-heeled boots.

Emily: Kim knows what works for her body type and this outfit is a prime example. The silhouette complements her figure and the colors flatter her skin tone. She’s definitely stylin’.

Tye: Kim killed this! The pants are straight fire and the top compliments the whole fit. She used to never be able to dress… but Kim stylin’!

Jalen: Kim is also battling Bella Hadid for the next Tomb Raider film. The heeled boots with this fit just didn’t exactly match in my eyes. I like the velour t-shirt though and the brown/green combo works well. Since it’s Kim I’ll say she’s STYLIN’ but on the fence with this one.

Jacob: This is the first fit Kim rocked post-Kanye divorce that I mess with. She finally took notes and I applaud the fit-looking like a Kim Possible reboot, STYLIN’!

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