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NCAA Final Four Prediction: Year of the Cinderella?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Its March 11th, I am screaming at my TV after Syracuse pile-drived through North Carolina and just busted my 5 team sweetheart teaser. Cole Anthony is a huge bitch. Great talent, but you're telling me your last college basketball game you're going to get blown out by 28 points because you couldn't beat Boeheim's weak 2-3 zone? SMH 🤦‍♂️ However, little did I know that this second round ACC Tournament game would also be my last college basketball game that I would get to enjoy due to COVID-19 deleting sports from the world. The coronavirus has affected many things that I love but March Madness being cancelled was a swift kick to the nuts on top of everything else. I definitely miss the fervor associated with March Madness like the Cinderella teams (more on that below) making deep runs, under-looked players making a name for themselves, but I mostly miss all the fucking money I was about to make in March. We're talking rent paid for the next year caliber bets, but... I digress (sigh). In the meantime, here is my Final Four predictions had the beloved tournament happened.

Midwest Region: #12 Liberty University