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King of the Samples: Shawny Binladen's Hottest Samples (so far)

Deeming yourself the king of anything in New York City is a bold move– unless you’re Shawny Binladen and can back it up. With his raspy, menacing voice and lyrics that make you feel like you’re living his infamous life, Shawny Binladen’s music is addictive and easily identifiable.

Aside from his flows and lyrics, you'll also end up hearing some of your favorite songs in the Queens-bred artist's hits due to the seamless way his music samples a plethora of genres for him to coast on. From Snoop Dogg to Rose Royce, it's safe to say that Shawny Binladen, a.k.a. Shawn Wick, holds the crown for the King of Samples. Let's dive into some of his hottest samples and see who's who.

1. Shawn Ye [Single]

In "Shawn Ye," Shawny Binladen samples "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1" by Kanye West. Opening up his song with the intro of FSMH, as he does with many of his songs, it's easy to get hype off rip since the sampled song is a banger. After making us beg for the beat to drop, in comes Shawny with his raspy voice, and bodies the beat in every way.

2. Losing Interest [Merry Wickmas]

Shiloh Dynasty is an artist that is sampled largely throughout the hip hop community including XXXTENTACION, Young Thug and more. Shawny Binladen cruises on this Shiloh Dynasty-sampled beat, along with artist FOUR50. The song and sample are an interesting blend considering how much they contrast in nature, which makes the composition well put together.

3. Carry On [Merry Wickmas Deluxe]

This is another Shiloh Dynasty sample, though Shawny may have gotten it from XXXTENTACION's song titled "Carry On" which also samples Shiloh's "Drunk and Confused." Much like "Losing Interest," the contradiction between genres and topics is what makes this sample so impressive when rapped over by the King of Samples. "Carry On" maintains the slow vibes of "Drunk and Confused" while also forcing you to bop to the beat and flow.

4. Snoop Shit [Merry Wickmas]

"Gin and Juice" is a classic and if anyone is going to sample this, it has to be done right. Shawny Binladen makes sure of this in many ways. One of those ways is dropping the BPM down a bit to maintain his whisper-like flows and injecting the sample with a bit of NYC drill. He somehow manages to keep the 90s West Coast vibes we all love while also mixing in his own vibes into it. He ends the song with, "Cruisin' down the street, with my extendo. Think I see a opp or two," an ode to the chorus of "Gin and Juice" that everyone undoubtedly knows.

5. Big Worm [Merry Wickmas]

We got blessed with an old school sample and a little Friday cameo in this one. The song sampled in Big Worm is a classic from the soundtrack 1976 movie Car Wash. Personally, I'm surprised our King of Samples took it all the way back to Rose Royce's "I Wanna Get Next to You." No matter how he knows of it, this is definitely a "if you know you know," type of song and Shawny Binladen bodied this sample. He speeds up the BPM, of course, to successfully create a beat that would bang in any club as he proceeds to goes off on the beat, along with artists Big Yaya and Four50. Very well done.

5. Whole Lotta Wickery [Single]

If anybody can name the song sampled in this recent banger, please let me know because Shawny and EPONTHEBEAT are keeping this completely hidden. People on Reddit have speculated that it was a Britney Spears song which I was able to deny, as well as a random Ellie Goulding song. It's unfortunate we can't find the sampled song, BUT it still makes the list as one of his best samples because he and Brooklyn drill rapper Bizzy Banks go crazy on this track.

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