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5 Shows That Make You Think About Life

Watching television is an easy way to completely escape reality and immerse yourself in a world other than yours. The power of TV shows lies in their seriality and that as an audience we get to witness character growth that mirrors our own. Even the lightest shows can hit heavily as they speak to us on a level we relate to. Here's a list of shows that’ll give you that will make you ponder life:

5. The Good Place

An arguably predictable show on this list but wonderful nonetheless, The Good Place gives a humorous outlook on the idea of death. Humans have centered many belief systems on the idea of an after life and this show explores all of those ideas, adding funny and thought-provoking messages to each scene. Despite the cheery and bright setting, every episode forces you to grapple with your own morality and the morals of existing as a human. It also brings into question the idea of "good people" and how easy it is to only cultivate an image of being good while not being good. In addition, every episode ends on a cliffhanger so it's a show that you want to keep watching, despite the several existential cri