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The Style Evolution of Barack "Obeezy" Obama

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Today marks the 59th birthday of former President and America's adopted father Barack Obama. Whether you think Obama did a great job during his 2-term tenure is completely up to you, but there is no denying that our current situation and resident dumbass who is currently occupying the Oval Office could not be a more stark and unwanted contrast. In the wake of his presidency, Obama has been taking much-needed relaxation, still providing us with his annual playlists, watching rather than playing basketball, and showing everyone that he has always had the drip whether or not we noticed. That being said, I offer a brief preview of Obama's iconic styles and fits throughout the years:

Presidential Pardon

Besides the obvious obstacles that Obama had to face being this country's first black president, the decisions he had to make when dressing as professional as possible in public settings must have also been burdensome. In a lot of ways, Barack changed what was typical attire for presidents to be synonymously known for, and this is largely due to one of his campaign slogans: CHANGE. The picture above shows Obama wearing a collared shirt without a tie which in most cases would have been taboo for the president, a supposed symbol of professionalism in our country. However, on Obeezy he looks clean and dapper and by his facial expression, you can tell he truly gives no fucks on your opinions.

Another "controversial" look for Obama was the infamous tan suit. This is said to be his biggest scandal (SERIOUSLY😂) during his eight years in office. What was supposed to be a regularly scheduled news conference became a scorching topic in the news for weeks back in November 2014. I would like to reference his facial expression in the previous picture affirming that Oblocka doesn't give two shits on your style tips. My guy is going to rock whatever makes him look the freshest and smile in your face the whole time.

The red tie is pretty eye-soreing in today's media as Donald Trump is frequently seen donning one, but for Barack, it was like seeing Tiger in his Sunday Reds. Worn on the day of his inauguration, Baracka Flocka Flame signaled to the country that he was ready to take charge and was out for blood similar to the hue he’s rocking in a troubled and fragile state back in 2009.

A Man of Many Hats 🤠

A vintage picture of our former Commander-in-Chief, Barack is pictured smoking that good while rocking a Cuban-style fedora hat. Truly looking like a boss in the making, Obama would only go further with the type of hats he was daring to fashion during his presidential term.

(Image via NPR)

While campaigning in Texas back in ‘08 Obama knew the exact audience he was trying to capture. Wearing the all-black suit, no tie, cowboy hat with gold accents to match his watch, and a sharpie ready to sign any baby’s forehead that came his way, it is shocking to know John McCain even continued running after seeing such a flex.

(Image via Associated Press)

Hawaii’s Own, but Chi-Town known Obama has never hidden his love for sports (more on that below). Rocking a Chicago White Sox ‘47 Brand Dad Cap and an Air Jordan zip-up, holding his morning coffee in one hand and some generic $15 Under Armour ball shoes in the other, you just know this man dropped 30 in the gym that day. Not to mention that this picture was taken back in 2017 on Election Day, Obama looking completely unfazed.

Suit Up 🏃🏾‍♂️🏀⛹🏾‍♂️

In the picture above Barack is holding Under Armour kicks, but it is no secret that he is a Nike head true and through. Barack was famously known as a hooper playing against greats like Kobe, Magic, Paul Pierce, and even singlehandedly beat the UCONN Women’s 2009 College Basketball Champions seconds after giving them a celebratory speech in his home court. Obama tends to prefer long sweats over shorts when hooping but...

...this man can give you a triple-double in any attire. Look at the elevation from his Nike Warehouse Space Force 7’s (not the actual model, honestly don’t even want to know what these are).

Fits in the AFTRLife

In his post-presidential life, Obama has been able to explore new fashion styles and more casual wear while still demanding a certain level of respect. Pictured at the UNC-Duke game last year talking to the beautiful Maria Taylor, Obeezy is rocking a custom Rag&Bone Bomber Jacket embroidered with the “44” in case motherfuckers forgot who he was 😂.

Reverse back to the 2019 Finals, Barack was pictured wearing a retro black leather zip-up, with the boots to match while sitting courtside in the 6. The black button-up tucked into the grey chinos and a fastened black leather belt is synonymous to that pic of Biggie Smalls rocking the Pelle Pelle in Bed-Stuy.

Finally, at the beginning of 2020 Barack showed how casual he’s really coming nowadays with the J. Crew full catalog on display. The white polo, the green tapered chinos with the rolled ankle cuff, and the Adidas Stan Smith’s to top it all off...This year has definitely been an asterisks mark and there’s no telling what the rest of the year has in store for us. But one thing I do know is my boy Obama is gonna be dripped up, and let everyone know it once he starts stepping out again🕺🏾. Happy Birthday 44, hope you're dressed to the nines all day🕴🏾 !

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