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This Week in Sports: August 24

Celtics, Raptors Bring out the Brooms

The C’s and the Raptors both managed to finish their series early on Sunday completing their 4-0 series sweep. The Utah Jazz is also up 3-1 over the Nuggets (despite Jamal Murray putting up 51 points and grabbing 11 rebounds) having won the last 2 with new father Mike Conley being added back into the lineup. Miami will try to complete the sweep on the Pacers this Monday as well. Several teams also lead their series at 2-1 including the Lakers (over Portland), Houston (over OKC), and Milwaukee (over the Magic). I’ve bet a lot on the lake show and C’s to cover their spread so far in these playoffs and I would like to take this time to say fuck you Joel Embiid there’s no goddamn reason to shoot a 3 with 2 seconds left down 7 and ruin my -6 spread. I’ll probably take the Lakers to cover the rest of their games in this series and would NOT bet against the Jazz; the whole athletes having a kid and not losing is very real (just ask Fred VanVleet last year).

This Week in the MLB

Can we talk about how the Red Sox are 3-11 in their last 14 games? What is going on? In case you didn’t know I grew up in Boston which is why my articles usually include points about Boston sports teams, and the Sox are having a crazy (bad) season. We have teams like the Indians who somehow dropped 2 of 3 to the Tigers (yes, the Detroit Tigers) but have played really well this year as a whole with some fantastic pitching. The bats are hot for teams like the Giants who have averaged 6.85 runs over their last 7 games and The Dodgers have managed 6.75 runs in their last 12. How about Oakland surprisingly but expected given last seasonsitting pretty with a 20-9 record? That’s better than the Yankees (16-9) and almost as good as the Dodgers (22-8), two of the best teams in baseball in my opinion.

NHL Playoffs are Heating Up

(Image via NHL)

Personally I think the NHL bubble isn’t getting nearly the credit they deserve, they’ve done a really good job providing exciting hockey while keeping the players safe. I also love how they have been scheduling the games around each other, the games never overlap so you can constantly be watching hockey. The second round began on Saturday with Dallas Stars beating the Colordao Avalanche and continued on Sunday with the Boston Bruins beating the Tampa Bay Lightning and Vegas Golden Knights steamrolling the Vancouver Canucks. The Flyers and Islanders will play on Monday of this week for their first game of the second-round series. I’m not a huge NHL guy if I’m being completely honest but playoff hockey is too insane not to watch. I love my Bruins but I don’t know if I can see anyone stopping Vegas this year.

UFC Fight Night

There were a couple of really solid fights on Saturday night for the UFC Fight Night. Frankie Edgar beat Pedro Munhoz by decision and Mike Rodriguez knocked out Marcin Prachino in the Light Heavyweight match. A couple months ago I said the pandemic would really help the UFC move into the public eye for at least the sports world considering it was the closest thing to sports a lot of people had at the time. I’m not up to date on viewership numbers, but I know they had about 1.6 million viewers for UFC 249. I say this because obviously now traditional professional sports have returned and the UFC will resume their competition with the other major sports leagues.

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