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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Thrifting

Thrift shops and second-hand stores have been around for quite some time, but shopping at them has always been perceived as lame. TV show and movie characters would often make fun of one another for wearing hand-me-downs or "pre-loved" clothes. However, thrifting has blown up over the past decade (shout out Macklemore) and thrift shopping is now trendy again.

There are some major benefits to hitting up the thrift store on a random Saturday with your friends. You can find your new favorite jacket for under $10 or a couch for your apartment that you’ll end up having for years. Here are just a couple of reasons why you should be shopping at thrift stores:

Your Wallet Will Thank You

This is the most obvious benefit, and to be honest, the top reason why people should be thrifting more. Everything is super cheap and I mean everything. You can walk in with $20 and walk out with a full head-to-toe outfit of quality! Why buy a $50 t-shirt that you might wear a couple of times (let's be honest here) when you can buy five t-shirts for the same price? Need a new desk for your home office? You can get a great desk AND a chair to go with it for a low price.

You’ll Be Supporting a Charitable Cause

It won’t be the case for every thrift shop you come across, but most are operated by charitable or non-profit organizations. You should be able to find at least one Goodwill or Salvation Army in your town or in one nearby. And if not, the thrift stores that aren’t run by a non-profit most times give back to local charities. Also, you’ll be supporting a local small business, which is always cool. Here’s a national directory of charity-driven thrift stores.

You’ll Help Save The Environment

By shopping at thrift stores, you’ll be keeping clothes out of landfills. The average American throws out 81 pounds of clothing every year. To do some quick math, that’s 26 billion total. Yikes... Recycling and environmental awareness have risen over the past couple of decades, but 85 percent of textiles still end up in the trash. By shopping at a thrift store, you’re keeping the item in circulation and out of landfills. And when you’re ready to move on from the item, you can donate it again and someone else can enjoy the same product you once did.

You Can Make a Serious Profit

If you’re passionate about clothes and making money, a thrift store is a gold mine. Cheap items found can have a resale value double or triple the amount you purchased it for, depending on the brand. Even if the item is not a big name brand, it’ll still usually be worth more than you got it for. A small repair such as a hole sewn or an added button can make the item more desirable.

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It’s a Whole Lot of Fun

Take it from me, a trip to a thrift store is a lot of fun. Even if you walk out empty-handed, you’ll still have a good time. Go by yourself for some peaceful shopping or go with a friend or two. They can influence your tacky decisions or save you from an awful purchase.

In conclusion, you need to jump on the thrift shopping bandwagon. There are plenty more reasons why you should be hitting up thrift shops near you. Not only will it make you a good person, but you’ll have a good time. Start going to your new-to-be favorite store today.

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