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Top 5 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

Every year fall brings a change of pace and style. Those who don’t like the sweltering heat of the summer welcome the cool breeze with open arms and return to jackets and jeans. This year in particular has shown a drastic change in consumer behavior as more people are recycling old pieces, taking stuff from their parents, or exchanging with friends to prolong the life cycle of a single item. The 90s have been in style since 2010 but this year we’re seeing elements taken from the 70s, 80s, and even the early 2000s in people's closets. As a result, let's take a dive into 5 trends to definitely anticipate and incorporate in your wardrobe for this Fall.


Fall is traditionally associated with dark hues and neutral colors that blend with the tones of the season. However, after the long-standing popularity of minimalism, there’s been a major shift towards brighter, unexpected color combinations, which will be seeping into this fall. At the forefront of this movement is the tie-dye trend.

Tie-dying has long gone away from its original flower childhood roots and has evolved to fit every style imaginable. It has appeared on both, silk shift dresses and casual oversized t-shirts. It’s an easy way to add color to your fit without having to splurge on several colorful pieces and worrying about cohesion. It’s easy to DIY and customizable to fit anyone’s color scheme.

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Youthful Looks

As print magazines started dwindling in popularity and more people began looking towards the internet for fashion inspiration, several niche styles have grown to be recognized and accepted by the mainstream. Dressing youthfully became popular as a mix of many different fashion subcultures such as Lolita, cottage core, and Y2K. One of the best-recognized symbols of this movement is Lirika Matoshi’s Strawberry Dress, which grew in popularity in 2019 and became idolized in the early spring of 2020 by Twitter. The success of Matoshi’s brand, which is based around the image of traditionally feminine, dream-like silhouettes is showing a desire to dress like we did or would’ve wanted to when we were children.

Waistline Jackets

Waistline jackets play on the traditional 90's jacket silhouette while adding modern patterns and colors. They’re a natural progression of the denim jacket trend as they have a similar fit as the cult classic but are slightly longer. Depending on the brand it might be constructed using corduroy, nylon, and even wool, heavily playing into the nostalgia of the 20th century.

Square Toed Boots

Square toed shoes came into vogue last year as a natural progression of the cowboy boot trend, which began with the popularization of the western style, partially thanks to Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. Since then, square-toed shoes have been in style for over a year and they’re only ramping up in their popularity and absurd angles.

The Eytys are the most literal with the understanding of “square toed boots”

Dressing Like a Literature Professor

The collegiate-style flows in and out of popularity every few years, with fresh iterations every time. With the boom of K-Pop, people started picking up on their favorite idols looks, many of which incorporate school uniform elements into street style looks. Tik Tok in particular took a liking to this trend and popularized it under the guise of a distinct "aesthetic". Things like schoolgirl skirts, quilts, blazers, and especially sweater vests have been popping up everywhere and are going to be especially popular this fall.

2020 has allowed people to have a lot more fun with their everyday style and that’s going to be very evident this fall. The sleek look we’ve been seeing for the last few years is dying out as people welcome color, pattern, and unique fits into their wardrobes. This new age of fashion is exciting and we can't wait to see what'll happen next!

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