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Trendsetters: LegendaryLorde

Andre Lorde-Mckenzie, better known as Dre Lorde, has always had a creative mind. After dabbling in an assortment of creative fields ranging from music, songwriting, and design, he has immersed himself fully into fashion design with his brand LegendaryLorde (@legendarylorde). Established in 2020, LegendaryLorde is focused on building affordable luxury streetwear for anyone looking to elevate their closet. We got a chance to sit down with Dre and learn more about the story behind the brand and what big plans he has for the future:

What got you into designing clothes? Has owning your own brand always been a passion for you?

I’ve always been a creative person in anything I do, whether it's regarding songwriting, my music, or my creative process for fashion. What got me into the creative process for fashion was seeing the culture of streetwear and wanting to add my own spice to it. Owning multiple things has always been my passion, LegendaryLorde just had made it out first.

What’s the inspiration behind your brand?

The inspiration behind my brand is taken in the energy that’s around me and applying it to fashion. I normally get inspiration that way, while of course looking at Pinterest, the city, and having my own creativity to mold my thoughts.

Coming up with a name is the hardest part of building a brand in my opinion, and one of the first things you have to do. How did you come up with the name LegendaryLorde? Did you design the logo as well?

Coming up with the name was pretty easy for me. My brand name, "LegendaryLorde," matches my stage name Dre Lorde. It’s funny because my brand name and my stage name is my real legal name “Andre Lorde-McKenzie." Also, no I didn’t design the logo, a friend of mine actually did it.

What type of clothing would you say you make? Do you have a specific audience?

I create luxury streetwear fashion. I make clothing for everyday people with an expensive taste. I would say my specific audience would be the streetwear community and skaters.

Do you do everything by yourself or do you have a team behind you?

It’s impossible to do everything by myself. I have a strong team behind me. In order to be successful, you must have a strong team who’s willing to put their all in. Shout out to my managers, my sister's assistant, Brand Ambassadors, and my Manufacturer. Big up to everyone on the LegendaryLorde team.

Your brand marketing seems really put together and calculated. The different products and merch shoots mesh well together. How important would you say marketing/ social media has been for your brand so far?

Marketing and social media hold a huge weight on my brand. Marketing is the key to success, having a strong marketing strategy will build your brand to success.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during this whole process?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned during the whole process is to never rush or be impatient with your creativity. Always keep going even though you may not get support from friends and family, there are strangers waiting for you to win.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Can we expect some new merch soon?

For the rest of the year, I’m just having fun and preparing for the next season. The culture could definitely expect a few more drops. This next collection called “Lorde Rodeo” will be dropping October 15. It’s a limited edition collection like all my drops. If you have expensive taste and you want a luxury experience, shop with

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