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AFTR PRTY RADIO | Yoshi T, AQVOL, Blvck Svm, Moses Ideka, Kevin Holliday & MORE!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

AFTR PRTY Radio is back with high-energy hits that can be played at any function. Featuring rising artists such as Yoshi T with his playful funk track “MCQUEEN” and rapper Blvck Svm’s smooth and jazzy “hyogo,” this week’s radio is bound to satisfy. Dive into the indie/R&B world of AQVOL, Kevin Holliday’s latest single, fresh sounds from Moses Ideka, and MORE!

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Yoshi T - “MCQUEEN”

New York City local Yoshi T brings a brilliant genre-blending vibe to the scene that listeners must check out. Tying hip-hop, R&B, funk, and some pop together, Yoshi T introduces a unique sound; one I can’t get enough of. Moving up from house shows to stage collaborations with artists such as Cisco Swank on accompanying record label WHATMORE, Yoshi T gathered attention briskly.

His first EP, SANDBOX, was released in June 2022 featuring what is now his most-streamed, lead track “MCQUEEN.” Yoshi T’s lyrics in “MCQUEEN” encapsulate the hunger for a fresh start and the sacrifices that must be made in order to transform. With sounds compared to those of Anderson.Paak and Mac Miller, “MCQUEEN” takes on funk beats with eccentric background sounds to create a contagious track that can’t help but make listeners bop their heads. Yoshi T’s second EP is set to release next month, which should be on everyone’s radar.

Pic by Joana Meurkens via MIXED MAG

AQVOL - "Dirty"

Dug up from a playlist I made as a sophomore in high school, “Dirty” is a song I’ve been bumping for years. Justin Marshall, stage name AQVOL, is a hip-hop/R&B artist who grew up on classic rock such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, where he drew inspiration. Being a student of the game and listening to a plethora of artists ranging from PARTYNEXTDOOR to Aretha Franklin, AQVOL brings his unique craft to light with tracks such as “Dirty” which are meant to be played on repeat.

The track’s lyrics recall Florida-raised AQVOL’s experience of being seen as a reject but rising above all the hate behind a catchy piano riff and sick beat. Featuring distorted visuals in most of his music videos, “Dirty’s” video showcases AQVOL vibing around the city and staying true to himself. Although he’s been off the music scene for a few years, AQVOL deserves all the hype.

Pics via @AQVOL

Blvck Svm - "hyogo"

Back in 2018, Ben Glover, stage name Blvck Svm, considered giving up on music following his graduation from The University of Chicago. However, he decided to stay in the city and pursue his dream of doing music full-time; and thank god he did. From slick bars to smooth riffs on the flute, “hyogo” is one of Blvck Svm’s many hits that prove he knows what he’s doing with his craft and how to execute it flawlessly.

Off his debut EP, mangalica mink, "hyogo" has been one of Blvck Svm's most popular songs to date since its release at the end of 2022. Like most of his tracks, Blvck Svm flexes his knack for wordplay in “hyogo”: “Only do beef with a farmer in Hyogo,” explaining that the only “beef” he’s into is expensive, highly-regarded steak. Since the release of his EP, Blvck Svm has had a busy 2023; releasing single after single and linking up with artists & producers like CJ Fly, Mick Jenkins, Westside Boogie, Stoic, and Matt Swain, Blvck Svm is cementing his sound in the game. Playing shows in Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, and Houston within the next few months, Blvck Svm is making his own path as an artist on the rise.

Kevin Holliday - "2WRONGS"

Fresh out of Brooklyn, Kevin Holliday likes to roll his own way; producing everything he makes independently with no label or management. He pulled great success from tracks “Regrets” and “Tennis Courts” which have managed to rack up over a few million streams on Spotify. Growing up in a musical family, Holliday gathered an interest in music from a very young age and adopted a lot of his taste from his brother and grandfather. The alternative musician admitted that he was influenced by Steve Lacy to start making music on his phone and laptop, which eventually led to the creation of his first EP Space Cadet.

Holliday has expressed that he wants people to connect with his music the way he connected to artists such as Pharrell Williams and Outkast growing up. “2WRONGS” was released in August in a recent slew of single releases, hinting at a potential project on the way, the first since his 2021 EP, OMNI. The heartbreak track features Holliday crooning over a lost lover, persuading listeners that 2 wrongs may actually make it right in his situation.

Pic by Kisanet Bezabih via The Fader

Moses Ideka - "Cast Out"

With an almost absent online presence, Moses Ideka is an artist who has people's heads turning in curiosity. “Cast Out” is Ideka’s debut single, with R&B/soul sounds behind angelic vocals. Just released this past May, this marks the first release from Moses after receiving producer credits on a handful of tracks up to this point. In just a few weeks, the London-born singer is releasing his second single titled, “Won’t Be Waiting.” As for now, lay back and relax to the beautifully haunting “Cast Out,” which will undoubtedly be one of his many successes.

Pic via Sheesh

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