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Artist Spotlight: Artsy Shalili

Born and raised in New York with 3 older sisters and 6 younger siblings, Shalisia quickly learned to be mindful that all she did was purposeful and aided others in a positive way. The years after attending an arts high school and college-level art programs at Parsons, she spent growing her inner self, attaining her yoga teacher certification, and teaching art to youth. These passions have come together in Shalisia's multi-medium style of visual art.

Art has always been Shalisia’s first language, a way to be truly seen. Whether playing violin, painting, or writing, art revealed the strong voice her shy childhood-self held inside. Today, at 25, her art acts to heal herself and others.

Shalisia’s style is varied, using watercolor, watercolor, acrylic, oils, or graphite.

“I only create new pieces when I feel inspired to do so, or when I want to capture my current energy flow. My art lives through vibrations.”

Her inspirations in endless following her belief in the beauty of simply being alive. “I see my art as a reflection of all the energies I come across.” Every form of life can become a single moment to capture through painting. She reflects, “Sometimes I can hear a melody of a song and the energy translates into a painting in my mind. Other times I can walk to the store and when greeting with a smile by the cashier I will subconsciously paint the same smile on canvas.”

When creating Shalisia focuses first on the energy she wants to send viewers. Making art for the voices of those who aren’t traditionally heard or listened to, and remind others of the beauty and courage each person holds within themselves.

“Art is an opportunity for me to make a difference.”

In recent months, Shalisia has heard the voices of women, children, and people of color crying out. The work reflecting that bringing focus on women’s empowerment, body positivity, self-acceptance, and inner growth. Visually giving others the space they need to feel heard, seen, and to heal and feel love.

“Sometimes I say I paint the yoga class I dream of, which is a room full of beings of all colors and all body types sharing space together. That is important to me.”

As a female artist, Shalisia reflects on her awakening to her recent experiences selling her art to the public in Washington Square Park. “Some of my work contains nudity, and I’ve noticed that it can fly over the heads of those who don’t delve deeper than skin.” She goes on, “However, I’ve come into contact with so many people, men, and women, who are able to feel the message I am sending through my work. I’ve had some encounters with women who trusted me enough to open up to me and share some pain they’d been experiencing.”

Artsy Shalili is all about mindfully seeing oneself in the spaces we collectively share together and working to continue using art to create safe and welcoming spaces for all.

Shalisia will be releasing a children’s yoga book later this year.

You can order commissions by emailing

Instagram: artworkbyartsy

Yoga Instagram: yoginiartsy

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