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Artist Spotlight: Brittaney Delsarté

-South Carolina native, Brittaney Delsarté, is someone who has committed her entire life to the arts. After Receiving an MFA degree from the Actors Studio Drama School, being coached by Grammy-nominated opera and pop singer, Jonathan Estabrooks, and training by Beyonce's formal vocal coach, David Lee Brewer, it is clear that Brittaney is not playing any games when it comes to her craft(s).

We got a chance to chop it up about her recent video release for her single, "Talk to Me", and talk about how the reception has been for her full-length EP, Call Me Blossom which dropped in August 2021. She walks us through her early inspirations for making music, the struggles of balancing so much simultaneously, her ideal performance environment, and her advice to like-minded individuals eager to pursue their passions:

"Create music to fill your cup, don’t create it for others."

1. Introduce yourself. Who is Brittaney Delsarté?

Brittaney Delsarté is a multi-hyphenate millennial renaissance woman from the South. I would say I’m like a feather. Strong with purpose, yet light at heart, able to bend, and though I might become frayed I have the resilience to Blossom again.

2. How would you best describe your sound? Who are some major influences in your life?

My sound is Awesome Blossom! It’s Bright! Bold! Colorful! Like myself, it has a presence that exudes grace, wit, rationality, and elegance... But, underneath that strong exterior is a lot of vulnerability. It’s honest, soulful, and present. Some of my major influences in my life - brace yourselves: Beyonce, Esperanza Spalding, Chante Moore, Rachelle Ferrell, Melba Moore, Debbie Allen, Liza Minelli, Angela Winbush, Lena Horne, and I could go on and on. Their dynamic, fearless, and freakishly talented existence made my dreams and aspirations obtainable.

3. Growing up in a musical household, with your cousin being Toni Braxton and your grandfather being Larry Lebby, at what moment did you know that you wanted to pursue music?

I’ve always wanted to live a life rooted in artistry! Growing up I had a rough time in school. I was bullied by my peers, and at the time I was confused as to why. My mother dressed me well, I was very friendly and kind, but I still had a difficult time socially. I was lonely and so I relied on music. I ate, slept, and breathed music and I loved singing. I used to force my siblings and my cousins to perform with me and they went along with every pretend music video I created, every dance number I wanted them to learn and every pretend group I morphed us into! They never told me no! They let me Debbie Allen the hell out of them and they kept following me up!

Spending time with them communing with fun, love, and laughter over music are the moments that made my heart full. And I never want that feeling to go away. Creating and pursuing music has made me feel seen and empowered that eventually, I stopped worrying about the people who made me feel invisible.

4. You are someone who values artistic expression, having studied theatre, dance, journalism, and music. Or is it a perfect balance for you, being well-versed in so many different types of art?

Between the pressure to get more things done in a day than I am sometimes capable of, and how I’m constantly switching my brain frantically between tasks, it can cause an overload of the brain’s processing capacity and so I have suffered burnout a few times.

It certainly isn’t for the faint of heart to juggle so many different mediums of artistic expression. For one it can be a lonely road and psychologically taxing. For example, this week I had to do two podcast interviews to promote my EP and new music video, while managing several campaigns (I’m a digital marketing producer). Unexpectedly, my agent sends me auditions to put on tape along with information to attend callbacks for another project. I also had to squeeze in time to regroup with my colleagues on a project we’re executive producing, where we’ll be sitting at a roundtable to discuss healing, sisterhood, and how those two have been the key to building resilience to maximize our effectiveness in holding alma mater accountable for securing and maintaining an equitable space for BIPOC students pursuing their MFAs.

There are moments when I get amazing opportunities, but I have to turn them down because my plate is too full. I have to constantly remind myself that there’s an abundance of opportunities out there and not to feel FOMO, because those opportunities will come around again. Whew, chile! I’m feeling mildly stressed just talking about it 😂!

Stress is a part of life but I can only take so much of it, so I am more cognizant of taking at least two pauses daily to reboot my brain and body. That includes a half hour of exercise and panoramic breathing to activate my parasympathetic nervous system to stay relaxed. I also take one day out of the weekend to have a self-care day and that can be a day of binge-watching shows in bed all day, or going to a day spa. I highly recommend all my fellow multi-hyphenates to try it.

"WOMEN are dominating R&B music, and are keeping it alive and that ought to be celebrated!"

5. It's been almost a year since your last EP, "Call Me Blossom" was released back in August 2021. How has the response been? Are you working on another project at the moment?

The response has been Awesome, Blossom, Fabulous and Fantastic! The ample number of reviews that have been written on the songs and the music videos, along with the number of playlists my songs are featured on! The streams and views and compliments I’ve received are something I’ll forever cherish. I am so proud to deliver an EP that has resonated with listeners who live a life of authenticity, they are never conforming and always blossoming to be of influence by creating the odds. Because that’s my story! One critique I hear often is how the EP harkens people back to the sounds of Beyonce and Destiny’s Child- my Blossom cousins appreciate that my music is 90s R&B, hip hop, house rap, and soul-inspired.

6. Your most recent video for your single, "Talk to Me" is a nostalgic and refreshing take on a classic R&B music video that was so dominant in the early 2000s. What direction do you feel like R&B is heading in our current era?

WOMEN are dominating R&B music and are keeping it alive and that ought to be celebrated! Women are empowering themselves sexually, personally, and professionally through this genre unapologetically and unfiltered, which has become refreshing in this IG-filtered climate. At large, R&B is ever evolving; I’m seeing that R&B is being infused back into 90s-inspired house music and afro beats, which is exciting! I’ve also noticed that the men are putting their hearts and souls back into the genre, proving that there is still an unmatched thrill in real romance- and I’m here for it!

7. Describe the perfect show/performance environment. What does that look like? Have you had shows in the past that have stuck out as your favorite?

The perfect show/performance environment is one that allows you to step into your power authentically and unabashedly as you entertain and create a cathartic experience for those watching; creating a bond between you and the audience that is so deep and so personal that even adversity and strife cannot shake it. The liberation, the vulnerability, and the sound canvas that encapsulates everyone as a part of the experience leaving everyone in a wave of euphoria and then a deep reflection is my idea of a perfect show. I’ve most certainly had shows in the past that have stuck out as my favorite for reasons I’ve just listed. Those shows have been off-broadway shows; The ability to bring a character’s experience to life and share that with a live audience is unmatched energy.

8. Last question, what is some advice you would give to young musicians starting out?

Create music to fill your cup, don’t create it for others. Let it heal you, soothe you and when you release it, know that your audience will come. In times of discontent, trust the voice that told why you needed to pursue music in the first place, and then reclaim your creative power and plant those seeds to grow you into the next level of your artistry.


Follow Brittaney here:

Instagram- @brittandbroadway

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