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Best Outfits from our Favorite Characters: Steve Urkel

There's no dearth of quality sitcoms from the 90s but rarely will you find one as whacky, humourous, and wholesome as Family Matters. After all, it didn't try to get away with cheap jokes or make us uncomfortable with annoying plot points.

The overly intrusive nerd from the neighborhood, Steve Urkel kept us entertained throughout the nine seasons of the show. While his goofy personality was the talk of the town, his costumes weren't any less stunning. So let's check out the 5 times Steve Urkel blew us away with groundbreaking fashion statements:

1. Urkel at full swing - Season 2, Episode 18

Source: ABC

Steve Urkel really captured the nerd fashion in this episode, didn't he? Those geeky glasses, high-waisted pants, and bright red sweaters were just the thing a boring party needed to get in the groove, and boy he did that in style! What works best for Urkel in this outfit is his confidence! As much as outrageous his fashion is, he sure carries it like a total boss.


2. Bitten by the fashion bug - Season 7, Episode 3

As they say, you're never really a bug collector, if you don't actually look like a bug. Urkel sure got the memo. He dressed the part and gave us major Halloween goals. So Steve is head over heels for the new girl Agnes but he doesn't want to cheat on Myra. So he comes to Laura for help and he sure takes us by surprise. As cool as those pajamas are, his slippers take the cake. The humongous, Optimus Prime-sounding slippers in bug shapes cannot be pulled off by anyone else.


3. New kid from Krypton - Season 2, Episode 7

I bet even Superman can't pull off the iconic red and blue suit like Steve did. It was the first Halloween episode of the show and it brought back Superman to the top of the Halloween costume food chain. Steve not only carried the suit with confidence but also used some kung fu to fight robbers. An eventful day for an eventful fashion masterclass.


4. Stefan Urquelle in the house - Season 5, Episode 8

Source: ABC

This was a watershed moment in Urkel fashion history. No one really paid attention to the goofy nerd Steve, until Stefan Urquelle appeared, wearing a tuxedo! He got rid of his big old glasses and completely replaced his colorful elements with a classy off-white piece. Coupled with that sweeping confidence, Stefan Urquelle had girls fainting all over him. Another house party, another Urkel magic this was.


5. Urkel the gangster - Season 3, Episode 9

When a street gang messes up your restaurant, you give them the Urkel. No one slips in and out of outfits as Steve does - he's really a fashion chameleon. This time though, he went rough and tough with the biker chains, black leather jacket, and bandana look. He straight up wires himself up, infiltrates the dragon's den, and extracts confessions. Things went a tiny bit south at one point, but this look definitely kept things afloat. I'm just wondering where I can get a leather jacket like that for the winter. Badass, Urkel.

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