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Diamond Picks💎 - This Week's Heat

Diamonds in the rough, are diamonds nonetheless...

(TylerFuckinJai via Soundcloud)

The year is off to a great start, and now that some singles have been dropped and the winter is coming to a close, music video season is back in full swing. The following are recently dropped hidden gems. Let's take a look.

P. Almighty - "GLOCKS IN JAPAN"

In a short but powerful burst of energy, P. Almighty shares his wisdom while on the move in Chinatown, NY. His flow screams native New Yorker, with a cadence reminiscent of Hip Hop’s OG’s. Once the beat’s 808’s start to roll in, it brings the track and its message up to date. The visual is a grainy and warped look into P. Almighty’s moonlit exploit, that informs the viewers of what’s next to come from the budding emcee. Stream here.

Shed Theory - "CATHEDRAL"

Spearheaded by Marlon Dubois, Shed Theory takes viewers on an eerie transit trip. The beat’s melody is atmospheric, aided by 808 notes cutting in and out when they feel like it, and the hi-hats that quietly rattle in and out. All of this, plus the video’s clean and imaginative cuts of the 110th street station, drive the uneasy and dreamy feel of the track. Stream here.

KillAtari - "CULT SHI"

KillAtari takes viewers on the scenic route on this banger of a track. With his fellow cult members behind him, the night is taken over and painted in red. The video brings you through the darkest woods, and on a ride in the fastest car, as KillAtari speaks on the key tenets of his cult way of life. Consider yourself joined. Check it out here.


Over a beat that boasts a gritty approach to the Plug n’ B sound, TylerFuckinJai goes in. Lyrics conveying self-reliance and patience are complemented well by visuals with unique text and quivering shots. Things slow down by the end in true chopped and screwed fashion, giving viewers a look at Jai’s softer side. Listen here.


Over the past year, Rokkstar Nova has taken the internet by storm, dropping video after video with the backing of Zelly Ocho, DJ Phatt, and Nino Andretti. As an artist on the move, she has made it her business to document every place she travels to, making a movie of every visit. This track focuses on the wounds that lack of trust and honesty creates in relationships, with a touch of self-reassurance everyone needs after having made the tough decisions necessary to exit one. A calm heater from one of New York’s latest rising stars. Tap in here ⬇.

Until next time...Enjoy!

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