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Stylin' or Wylin': February 2022

With another month came another batch of interesting outfits to dissect. From actors to athletes, some of the biggest stars try to pull off some even bigger risks with these fashion statements.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

(Image via @shai)

Playing in a small market like Oklahoma City, SGA's skills on the court may often get overlooked, but his fashion definitely does not. Here he is wearing a Fleece hoodie, pillow vest, and khaki trousers from the brand Entire Studios. He coupled this with The sail Off-White Jordan 5's.

This outfit is bold but, hear me out. If you can get past the way he kind of looks like a character from Among Us, you can see that this outfit flows really well together. The use of that cream/off-white type of color is hard to pull off in a monochrome look but the subtle difference in the tone of each piece makes them complement each other well. Not to mention, you can tell that the man is staying warm and cozy; combine all of that and I got to say he's STYLIN'.

Zoë Kravitz

(Image via @zoeisabellakravitz)

The Batman is coming to theaters everywhere on March 4th and is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Zoë Kravitz might've taken some inspiration from her character of Cat-Women for this sleek outfit.

She's dressed head to toe in YSL, and the fishnet undershirt under a glossy black leather jacket complement each other very subtly. The sunglasses add a hint of mystery and sophistication to this look. She is STYLIN'.

Lamelo Ball

(Image via @melo)

Hey man, NBA players like to go all out with the fashion. This year Lamelo Ball made his first All-Star Game appearance and he went all out with this outfit for the special night. He's wearing a pair of pink and purple LV Trainers, a satin purple cargo pants and jacket suit, a pink t-shirt from his newfound brand LaFrancé, and some jewelry and shades to top it off.

He dressed for the occasion that's for sure, and who doesn't want to show out during All-Star Weekend, this outfit is loud, but I think it fits the moment. The youngest of the Ball bros is STYLIN'.


(Image via Hollywood life)

Rihanna has been one of the more influential women in fashion and pop culture over the last decade, and this outfit definitely pops.

She has on a camo trucker hat from Awake NY, a Dior bag, Celine flared jeans, Tom Ford heels, and a leopard print jacket. Rihanna has been known to rock the leopard print and the future mother has not been shy about showing off the baby bump. Although I'm rocking with some of the individual pieces like the jacket and top, I just can't defend mixing the camo and leopard print, she's WILDIN'. (Sorry Riri :\)

Lil Baby

(Image via @lilbaby)

Lil Baby has been dropping hit after hit for a while now. In this picture, the rapper is wearing CPFM x Nike Air Force 1's, a Bottega Veneta beanie, as well as a Bottega tracksuit.

One tip about pulling off a monochrome outfit is to try not to look like a highlighter. I think that says it all. WILDIN'

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