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Jungle Cae: Houseplant Housecalls

Botanist and Budtender, Cae Jones, has turned his newfound passion for botany into a houseplant and home growing consultation business. His plant Instagram @junglecae has gained over 7,000 followers in the past year, where 2 days a week you can sign up for a Houseplant Housecall.

Originally from Rochester, NY, Cae has an educational background from Columbia for Music with a focus on Guitar. He moved to Chicago and began working at a Cannabis Medical Dispensary. For his 25th birthday last year, Cae was gifted his first houseplant. “A homie lent me a tent and light and I started my first home grow in May [2020] to learn more about what I smoke and what I sell.” Cae now takes care of over 50 plants at home.