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Retro-inspired Trends to Buy This Summer

As the world goes through a collective yearning for things to go back to normal, fashion trends are taking a cue from the eye-catching patterns and exaggerated features of past decades. Rock these retro trends inspired by the easygoing essence of the 70s and the colorful, extravagant nature of the 80s to make a splash in summer fashion.


Psychedelic, abstract patterns influenced by the 1970s are now seen on everything from bathing suits to pants to bucket hats. Pops of burnt orange, muted green, bubblegum pink, and pastel yellow are emerging in these designs as the weather gets warmer. These in-your-face patterns might be intimidating to style at first. Pair it with a neutral color within the print to pull the whole look together.

Photo courtesy of Raf Simons, SS21

Large floral and tropical prints are certainly making a comeback this season. No longer are these prints reserved for dads on vacation or cheesy tourists. A button-up, collared aloha shirt can be easily dressed up or down for different occasions. Halter dresses with hibiscus or palm tree prints are also a cute staple for the summer that can be worn to dinner or as a bathing suit cover-up. Consider the SS21 menswear collections from Tom Ford and Paul Smith to find some inspiration. However, vintage and second-hand stores are a great place to look for these pieces.

Photo courtesy of Tom Ford, SS21


Everyone knows shorts are a classic summertime staple, but picking up a pair of Bermuda shorts will take your style to the next level. Try baggier dad or mom-jean cutoffs or classic chinos in a pastel or acid hue. Both men and women can easily rock this lookthe key is making sure they cut off right above the knee.

Photo courtesy of Casablanca, SS21

Oversized silhouettes inspired by the 80s are crucial to beating the summer heat. Boxy blazers and wide-leg trousers have made an appearance on the spring runways from Gucci to Zegna to Hermès. Keep your skinny jeans in the back of your closet and instead opt for a high cut, straight legged version. Shop this style from more affordable brands like Levi’s and Uniqlo for everyday wear.

Photo courtesy of Zegna, SS21


Crochet, which first gained mainstream popularity in the 70s, had a revival during the heights of quarantine boredom. The trend maintained its interest earlier this spring and is undeniably here to stay for the summer. Rocked by Bella Hadid and it-girl Emma Chamberlain, crochet is a playful take on your typical summer essentials. Some versatile items you’d want to get your hands on are crochet bags, hats, dresses and tops.

Photo courtesy of Instagram, @bellahadid

Terry cloth is another retro textile that’s been making an appearance in this season’s fashion. This beachy material makes it the perfect summer loungewear set. It’s lightweight feel and typically flowy cuts make it a quintessential summertime fabric. Elevate this material by styling it in unexpected ways, as a three-piece set like Hailey Bieber, a cardigan, or a collared romper. Lastly, don’t shy away from other interesting textures like corduroy, knits, and satin.

Photo courtesy of Instagram, @haileybieber

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