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XO Records’ Chxrry22 and Her Rise to R&B Stardom | 1824° Q+A Series

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We recently had the pleasure of sitting in on a press conference hosted by 1824° with Chxrry22, the Toronto-born R&B star who is newly signed to XO Records, the label headed by the infamous superstar the Weeknd. In late September, Chxrry22 put out her first EP, titled The Other Side, where she gives us an insight into her battle with the dualities of her life—being the victim and the villain in her own story.

Joining the press conference from Tokyo, Chxrry exhibited an authentic, wholesome, and engaging personality to connect with the people interested in her story—her charisma exuded from the call and she was one of the most genuine artists to have a conversation with.

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Having grown up in Toronto, Chxrry aims to hold onto her Canadian roots by adding different aspects of the music she grew up with into the sounds she now surrounds herself with while residing in Atlanta. She shared that she tends to feel like an outlier because of her Toronto origin, but with the help of her producer and friend, Sensei Bueno, Chxrry22 has found her musical journey to be that much more attainable.

Chxrry22 has been faced with the immense pressure of being the first female artist signed to XO Records. She admits that she “lives in delusion,” not realizing how many eyes are on her—not the worst approach when you have such a platform. However, she does not discredit the attention she has received. Chxrry expressed her gratitude for herself and the work she’s put in to get here, but especially her supporters and the opportunities she has been given, “if I needed an opportunity like this, then I know someone else needs an opportunity like this.”

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Setting a new standard for women in music, Chxrry shared that despite having no filter and often over-sharing, she still suffers from lots of anxieties and insecurities, which her music serves as an outlet for. She sees shame as the number one cause of anxiety, and for women, if it can be more normalized to say certain things, women will feel more heard and seen and there will be less shame: “it’s okay to own your decisions and move on.”

To start off so strongly with her name in the R&B scene with XO, Chxrry22’s sound is nothing short of powerful. Her appeal derives from her angelic vocals and alluring beats, giving her listeners an enchanting audio experience. Each track has its own enticement, and never fails to leave you fulfilled with the soulfulness of her style. Looking ahead, Chxrry22 shares that she wants to conquer the world, taking on anything possible from more music, tours, modeling, acting, and fashion. Her initiative to leave such an impact on the creative world is truly reflective of who Chxrry22 is as an artist, a creative, and genuine person going after what she wants.

“I guess this is what the other side feels like,” Chxrry shared as she reflected on the chaos that her life is now— “but in a good way.”

Indulge in the beauty of Chxrry’s vocals and her ‘chaotic’ story by streaming The Other Side- it sure is one worth tuning into.

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