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Stylin' or Wildin': Summer Vol. 1

The temperature is high, the sun is in the sky, and a Drake album is out. The Summer has arrived. From Paris Fashion week to England's Glastonbury festival, the first month and a half of summer have delivered a multitude of occasions for the stars to pop out and deliver the first fit pics for summer. With that being said, time to look at some stars who got the summer started hot and some who need to try again in the fall.

Dua Lipa

(Via @dualipa )

Summer just started, and we're already pulling out the boat fit pics? I respect that. The pop star, Dua Lipa, showed out with this outfit she posted on her socials. She's seen wearing a white button-up with some patchwork detailing and a pink and black plaid shirt from Chopova Lowena. On her feet, she's wearing Balenciaga knee-high leather boots and she also throws on pink Balenciaga dynasty rectangles glasses and a snakeskin leather purse by KNWLS, to complete the look.

(Via @dualipa )

The look takes inspiration from 2000s punk fashion, which has been making a recurrence as of lately. The outfit is an eye-catcher and has unique pieces such as the skirt. This is a good pop-out outfit for when the weather is hot, She's STYLIN' for sure.

Kendrick Lamar

(Via GQ)

Coming off the success of Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers, Kendrick Lamar made an appearance at the UK's Glastonbury festival. Kendrick put on quite the show with his performance, even using fake blood during part of his performance, and put on one of the most talked about sets of the event. During his set, Lamar was wearing some unreleased oversized dress shirt, pleated black trousers, and black shoes from Louis Vuitton's latest menswear show. Oh yeah, and what's that on his head? Just a $3 million diamond-encrusted crown of thorns made by Tiffany Co. No biggie.

That crown might be the accessory of the year so far if you ask me, and having that unreleased LV is a flex too. I think this fit would go harder if it was sized down a bit, but it's still clean. STYLIN'.


(Via AP)

The BET Awards don't get enough credit when it comes to their red carpet and Lizzo is showing that in this picture. She's wearing a glittery custom navy blue Gucci gown. The feathered trim at the arms and bottom gives an old-school Hollywood feel, and the diamond earing and black platforms complete that look. Not that much to say here if you ask me. STYLIN'.

Jaden Smith

When he's not concerned about the political and economic state of the world, You might catch Jaden Smith at a fashion show. Kenzo showed some new releases at Paris fashion week, so naturally, Jaden came to the show correct. He was at the event wearing a grey Kenzo workwear jacket with matching pants. On his feet, you'll see he pulled up wearing the New Balance Vision Racers, a sneaker he designed.

I think there's a difference between the baggy look and something that just looks big on you. I think this is the ladder. I think the pieces of the outfit work, and the sneakers are underrated if you ask me, but it's too droopy for me. This was also taken in June man! Do you wear all this layering and denim in the summer? Too much for me. WILDIN'

Megan Thee Stallion

(Via GQ)

Like the aforementioned Kendrick, Meg also performed at Glastonbury and showed out. The rapper wore Burberry from head to toe, all custom-made by creative director, Ricardo Tisci. The chains on the body suit combined with the leather cap, gloves, and black shades give a very militant look. The feathery jacket was a unique accessory too.

Would it be weird seeing someone walk down the street with this? Absolutely, but you have to dress for the occasion and she certainly did. One of my favorite outfits from the event. She's STYLIN'.

Kanye West

A surprise to many, Yeezy made a special appearance at the BET Awards to honor Diddy's lifetime achievement award. He wore a ripped olive-colored t-shirt under a gold Hood By Air jacket. He also wore a gold-colored version of the chunky Balenciaga boots from their spring 2023 collection. Ye was also wearing a black mask covering his whole face, something that seems to have become a staple of his.

I don't think I'll ever understand the hype around wearing boots that look like they weigh 15 pounds, and I don't know if breathing through that mask is even comfortable. Sorry Ye, WILDIN'.


Another fit from Glastonbury. Over the last year, Tems has been making quite the name for herself, and when she's away from the mic, her fashion game is also something to respect. She wearing a 2-piece red set with hits of black and white. The top is also hooded, adding a nice touch. For the sneakers, she went old school, with the black and red Nike Shox.

She may have been a performer, but she had the perfect festival attendance outfit. The sunglasses and chain were an excellent add-on. STYLIN'

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian joined by her daughter North West, made an appearance at Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2023 show with some stand-out looks. With Kim being the focal point of many of Balenciaga's recent campaigns, it's no surprise to see her dressed head to toe in the brand once again. The neon green camo print shirt is paired with Balenciaga's new 'Pantalegings'. I'm sure you can guess how they came up with that name. The reality star also carried along a Le Cagole bag dupe and black shades also by Balenciaga.

From the sock boot to the legging boot, Balenciaga is definitely a boundary-pushing brand, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Looking at the neon green and those sunglasses just make me feel like Kim tried to dress up like an alien. If that was the intent then props to her, but regardless she's WILDIN'.


North West

I'd be a fool to not touch on North's outfit as well. She got quite a bit of Balenciaga as well with the Balenciaga Crocs and pants. The real standout however is obviously the blue Pastelle jacket. The Pastelle brand was one of Kanye's first attempts to break into the fashion scene, and his good friends Don C and the late Virgil Abloh were also a part of the team. Yeezy famously wore it at the 2008 VMA Awards.

Obviously, the passion for fashion runs in the genes. She may be a youngster but we could take a bit of inspiration from this outfit. STYLIN'.

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